(Stefano Bovio, Alessandro Musetta, 2013)

+ + G e n e r a t i v e   f o r m s   o f   s o u n d   p r o d u c t i o n + +

Bruna Minoru investigates the direct relationship between sound frequencies and visual interactions, starting from the analysis of the mathematical rules applied in machine language. Bruna Minoru encodes the musical "discourse" with the new tools of sound production. The first phase of the project focuses on creating applications in Java to play visual storytelling. The most important historical landmark is the Unité Polyagogique Informatique CEMAMu of Iannis Xenakis.

UPIC (Unité Polyagogique Informatique CEMAMu) is a computerised musical composition tool, devised by the composer Iannis Xenakis. It was developed at the Centre d'Etudes de Mathématique et Automatique Musicales (CEMAMu) in Paris, and was completed in 1977. Xenakis used it on his subsequent piece Mycènes Alpha (1978), and it has been used by composers such as Jean-Claude Risset (on Saxatile (1992)), Takehito Shimazu (Illusions in Desolate Fields (1994)), Mari King, and Curtis Roads.

Musical score examples.

2013, 11th May: Bruna Minoru live performance

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