Sound of Things is an independent research project, by Alessandro Musetta and Stefano Bovio with Raffaele Pe (DAStU, Politecnico di Milano).

MissionMedia and technology are omnipresent in contemporary society, and the same technological developments that are changing communication, production, trade, urban culture and medicine, are also transforming the arts.

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The projects are conducted under the auspices of sponsor-supported, interdisciplinary Media Lab centers, consortia, joint research programs, and initiatives. SoT reaches a broad worldwide audience of art lovers, scientists, business people, students and artists. Join us!

Alessandro Musetta, Stefano Bovio
Architects and interaction designers, conduct independent research activities in the field of planning, especially connected with the realization of new maps related to the context at the regional scale in national and international areas. Their current research interests include geo-located personal technology; wearable hardware; immersive reality; virtualization and gamification; performative, sentimental and participative mapping; data visualization theory and methods. Among their recent articles, Rethinking the Power of Maps (Springer, 2014), Cabo Delgado 2015. Growing smart (Boundaries, 2014). Recent published maps on, The Art of Shaping Metropolis (Ortiz, McGrawHill, 2014), Innovative Technologies in Urban Mapping. Built Space and Mental Space (Contin; Paolini; Salerno, Springer, 2014),The mapping desiring. A project of a new cartography: patterns of use, spatial experiences and perceptions of the urban environment in the ICT era (Contin, NUL, 2013).

Raffaele Pe
Raffaele (1985) is a musician and an architect. As a result of his Ph.D. in architecture, completed in Milan in 2014, he focuses his research on sonic cartography, immersive landscapes, and sound and space design across new media. Graduated in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano in 2009, he obtained a second degree at Politecnico di Torino following his Diploma in Processes of Innovation accomplished at the Alta Scuola Politecnica in 2009. He now combines an intensive musical activity with his ensemble La Lira di Orfeo with frequent collaborations on space and sound experimentation at Politecnico di Milano. Among his recent articles, Audio-guides as Mapping Tools for Moving Territories (The Visual Language, 2013), Immersive Maps to reform Sensitive Areas in Informal Settlements, (NUL, 2013), Hyper-localism and Parametric Mapping for Collaborative Urbanism (Wichmann, 2012), Organized Network and the image of the European Archipelago (IUAV, 2011), Gli Strumenti dell’analisi morfologica, i fondamenti della contemporaneità (Maggioli, 2009).